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A Closer Look at Hillary’s Higher Ed Proposals

Hillary Clinton recently announced that she wants to make college “free” for students from low-income and middle-class families (those earning less than $125,000 per year) by 2021. In this week’s Pope Center Clarion Call, George Leef analyzes that proposal and concludes that it would escalate Education Department micromanagement, lower academic standards, and harm small private colleges.

Leef also analyzes Clinton’s proposal to have a three-month moratorium on student loan repayment, as well as her plan to create a special loan forgiveness program for young entrepreneurs.

“There’s never been any doubt that a Clinton administration would mean more federal intervention in higher education,” writes Leef. “These new campaign proposals show how much further the Democratic nominee will go to keep the higher education bubble inflated.”

Read the full article here.

Jesse Saffron — Jesse Saffron is a writer and editor for the John W. Pope Center for Higher Education Policy, a North Carolina-based think tank dedicated to improving higher education in the Tar ...

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