Phi Beta Cons

Hold the Champagne on Affirmative Action

Some conservatives are rejoicing that diversity may be in its twilight days because of the anti-affirmative action propositions percolating in various states, thanks to the great Ward Connerly.  The proposition movement is great but we shouldn’t overdo the jubilation at the death of diversity.  Even if all the propositions pass, affirmative action may well continue in private universities.  And even if the SC declares it unconstitutional, top universities may well devise oher methods of achieving as much group representation as possible. 
Also, diversity as an ideology has permeated education from top to bottom, in both curricular and extracurricular aspects.  Many colleges and universities have whole offices and staffs dedicated to diversity, sometimes numbering 30 and 40 people, as John Leo points out in a recent piece.  Leo also brings out how debate and discussion are carefully controlled on campuses today, making it hard to entertain forbidden ideas.  Also, all the predictions are that the faculty will be growing more leftwing in the coming years rather than less, as the few remaining old-time traditionalists finally amble out to pasture.  
I hate to be a wet blanket but sometimes too much optimism invites the dreaded complacency that has hampered our efforts in the past.