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The Horrifying Oppression of Duke Cheston

What’s wrong with college kids these days? It seems that none of them want to be the victims of oppression anymore. The Pope Center’s Duke Cheston attended a “Tunnel of Oppression” at North Carolina State University a couple of weeks ago — and no students showed up to be oppressed, only himself and a university employee.

The Tunnel — put on by no less august organizations than the school’s Multicultural Student Affairs office, the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity, and a bunch of student groups with equally silly names that could have been spewed out of a random generator — at least made Duke realize his own victimhood. As the highly educated son of a successful computer engineer, he thought he had it pretty good. But, no — he is oppressed! Or at least that’s what he was told after he admitted that, several years ago, he felt a little out of place after a minor fashion faux pas on the UNC–Chapel Hill campus. It apparently qualifies as oppression because our evil society pressures us to conform against our need for self-expression. Oh, the humanity!

There is plenty of real oppression in the world: women caught in living nightmares in Islamic-fundamentalist societies, political opponents of despots such as Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro imprisoned and tortured, and so on. Absurd attempts to turn us all into victims like N.C. State’s Tunnel of Oppression mock life’s seriousness.

Now, excuse me while I go make fun of Duke’s clothes. Bwahahaha!


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