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How To Be A Distinguished Professor

A Michigan State professor who was nationally chastised for going off on an anti-Republican classroom rant was also the “the recipient of a Michigan State ‘Distinguished Faculty Award,’” George Leef writes in a See Thru Edu blog post. To find out just how one becomes “distinguished” on the MSU campus, read the comments made by his students on the faculty-rating site “Koofers” that George links to: “He is creepy and misogynistic”; “is easily the worst professor I’ve ever had”; “is racist, sexist, ignorant, and downright offensive”; “Unorganized, Rude/Mean, So Politically Incorrect, Hypocrite”; “is very rude. All he talks about is his political views and sex.” And on and on and on.

He would appear to be a classic case of a liberal who feels that his progressive politics justify any behavior – that he cannot possibly be a jerk because he is for the right causes. And because he is on the left, he has, until the latest incident, not only escaped punishment for behavior that would have a conservative bounced out of the profession, but has long been rewarded for being so aggressively “in your face” in the classroom.


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