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How Do I Hate Thee; Let Me Count the Ways

On TV over the weekend, I heard Andrew Napolitano give a speech to a Reason magazine gathering in which he castigated Lincoln as one of our worst presidents, a gross violator of civil liberties, and the civil war as a campaign of rape and pillage.   
So, I’m thinking–we have the Left’s ongoing hatred of America for sins of slavery, racism, sexism, etc.; the libertarian hatred of America for sins against civil liberties and violations of personal freedom; the Southern partisans’ hatred of America for war crimes and generally being a tyranny.  Any other way to hate America? 
What kind of message is all this sending to our young people?  They are given no reason to admire and appreciate our country.  I think the people who indulge these animosities are unwise and irresponsible. 


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