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How Obamacare is Harming Students

How is Obamacare harming students? Just ask Mary Porter of East Central Community College:

When Mary Porter enrolled last year at East Central Community College in Rolla, Mo., she landed a job at a fast-food restaurant and worked full-time for minimum wage to pay the bills. Things were looking up for the budding college student, who had grown up a ward of the state’s foster care system.

But earlier this year, Porter’s hours were cut. Her employer cited the Affordable Care Act as the reason, she told The College Fix.

“Then they told us that they couldn’t afford to pay us health insurance,” said Porter, 22, who is no longer allowed to work more than 25 hours a week.

“Everybody was upset, and they still are upset. All the students I know are talking about it. I am working so hard in my job, but I have to go to the government, although I don’t want to. I got on food stamps because I couldn’t afford to eat.”

A “hiring” sign still hangs in front of the sandwich shop where Porter works, though she begs every week for extra hours.

This is what happens when you make laws with perverse incentives.

In a feature story today for The College Fix, entitled, “Full Time to Food Stamps: Obamacare Hits the College Student,” Sarah Greek interviews Mary Porter and other students from around the country to discover how Obamacare is wrecking lives.

If you don’t already think this law is idiotic, you will after you finish reading this article.

Catch the full story here.



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