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If the IRS Isn’t Too Busy Harassing Obama Opponents….

Maybe it should take a look at the University of North Carolina, argues one letter writer in today’s Wall Street Journal:

Regarding Gregg Easterbrook’s review of Jay M. Smith and Mary Willingham’s “Cheated” (Books, Feb. 28): The IRS needs to have a look at the University of North Carolina. Organized as a nonprofit for the purpose of education, UNC’s income is tax exempt. We now see that its football and basketball programs weren’t part of its academic program. They were part of an unrelated for-profit business. They, and other universities, owe back taxes on that income. Further, any tax savings on sports income over the decades was secured by fraud, a serious tax crime. Financial and other penalties should apply.

Jordan Rosenberg

San Francisco

Nothing else has had much effect in getting the big sports universities to stop their policies that put winning in the revenue sports way ahead of academic integrity. This might.


George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.


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