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I’ll Second that Congratulations to Bob Paquette

Often, particularly in recent years, the world seems to make no sense. But every once in a while, somebody somewhere does something incredibly right. And that is the case with the Bradley Foundation and American Conservative Union giving this year’s Jeanne Kirkpatrick Award to Bob Paquette of Hamilton College [See George Leef’s post below]. Bob has worked tirelessly over the years to create small beachheads of freedom and objective inquiry in some of the Ivory Tower’s most hostile bastions of left-wing ideology, often against great odds and vicious opposition.

I had the good fortune to spend some time with Bob at the Alexander Hamilton Institute last month. He has paid career-wise and salary-wise for his efforts, yet he talks more about the small successes he can see around him, such as students who have been sparked to greater understanding and curiosity through AHI programs and with the various institutions he has had a hand in creating or worked with collaboratively. He expressed grave concerns about the future of the country, feels a deep calling to fight to turn things around, and said he will continue fighting “until they carry me off on my shield.”

Again, congratulation, Bob. And hats off to Bradley and the ACUF for recognizing a fighter from the trenches instead of giving the award to some celebrity pseudo-conservative.




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