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Illegal Benefits

Peter Kirsanow’s article at NRO earlier this week calling attention to illegal immigrants getting tuition breaks was most welcome.  I have never understood why many conservatives have been so vociferous in support of illegal immigration.  (I question their support even of massive legal immigration too, under the present reign of multiculturalism, diversity, and constitutionally endorsed racial preferences, but that’s another story.)  When Rudy Giuliani was mayor of NYC, he vehemently insisted on illegal immigrant rights.  He got downright nasty with people who called his radio program to protest illegals getting all sorts of protections, benefits, and sanctuary from the state and city.  When Proposition 187 was being debated in California, conservatives leaped into print to denounce it.  This has been very puzzling to me.  Conservatives are supposed to believe in national sovereignty and the rule of law.  


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