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Incapacious Pedagogical Tent

Michael W. Galbraith, a professor of leadership studies at Marshall University Graduate College, has written a book to help junior college teachers to “discover what beliefs, values, and attitudes you hold” and thus to “have the basis for a focused and action-oriented vision or philosophy for your teaching.
Mal Kline notes Galbraith’s claim to present a range of visions that animate college teaching and his recommendation that beginner professors complete a:

self-administered, self-scoring, and self-interpreted inventory [that] will place you in one of five philosophical orientations:
• “Liberal;

• “Behaviorist;

• “Progressive:

• “Humanistic: or

• “Radical.”

But nowhere to be found is:

• Conservative;

• Libertarian;

• Objectivist;

• Traditionalist; or even

• Moderate.

Kline is spot-on in concluding that Galbraith in fact “does not envision an exceptionally huge tent philosophically that feeds into the faculty lounge.”


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