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Iran Preps Children for Martyrdom, Not College

A report from the Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace looks at Iran’s use of textbooks to indoctrinate its 15 million children in waging global war against, in the words of a book for 7th graders, the Arrogant Ones [i.e., the United States and the West] … and not cease until all Islam’s commandments … are realized in the whole world.”

Elsewhere 11th graders are exhorted to “overcome the fear of death and make use of the existence of the passionate and the martyrdom-seeking youths, who are ready to smash the borders of unbelief.”
The Committee on the Present Danger calls this study “important – and directly relevant to the current debates in Washington and in other Western capitals about whether to confront or negotiate with Tehran – because it provides important insights into the regime’s long-term ambitions.”


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