Phi Beta Cons

Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, Day One

IFAW, now in play on over a hundred campuses throughout the nation, is shining light on Islamo-Fascist regimes like nothing that came before it.  

Read here about the events of the first day. A sample:

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, David Horowitz spoke to 600 students and various members of the community about the oppression of women in Islam and the silence coming from women’s studies departments on America’s campuses regarding this issue. The volatile crowd quieted immediately when Horowitz began his speech by showing an enlarged photograph of a Muslim woman on her knees being shot in the back of the head by Muslim fundamentalists. “Everyone in this photograph is a Muslim,” Horowitz began. “There is a helpless victim; there are perpetrators of murder. This photograph is why we’re here tonight.”

A new movement has been launched, said Horowitz in an interview with Incorrect University President Andrew Marcus.