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Ivory Tower Consensus on Iraq War

. . . surprise, surprise.
The Chronicle of Higher Education, reporting today on a study by researchers at the College of William and Mary, finds it “remarkable” that international-relations professors “agree far more on current policy and future threats than they disagree.”
According to the study, available on the college’s Web site, eighty-nine percent of scholars say the war will ultimately damage security in the United States. Eighty-seven percent consider the conflict unjust, and 85 percent are pessimistic that a stable democracy will be possible in Iraq in the next 10 to 15 years. Only 1 percent of the respondents ranked George W. Bush among the past century’s most effective foreign-policy presidents.
In fact there is nothing remarkable at all about this consensus, given also that 70 percent of respondents identified themselves as liberal, whereas just 13 percent were conservative.

Candace de Russy — Candace de Russy is a nationally recognized expert on education and cultural issues.

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