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Johnson Finale on Duke

KC Johnson has some final words about the Duke lacrosse case over at Minding the Campus, the Manhattan Institute’s new site about the university.
One interesting point he makes is how diversity policies have affected faculty-student relations, taking the Group of 88 as a case in point:

For more than a decade, Duke has aggressively implemented a diversity hiring policy, seeking to bring in more faculty members who will explore the issues of race, class, and gender that diversity advocates deem central to intellectual life. This strategy, however, has had the unforeseen effect of widening the gap between professors and the students they teach.
To professors like Wahneema Lubiano, who are convinced that American society is deeply oppressive on grounds of race, class, and gender, students such as Bo Carrington and the other members of the lacrosse team were at worst ideological enemies and at best naive undergraduates who needed to be reeducated. When confronted with the opportunity to advance their diversity agenda at the expense of their own school’s students, Lubiano and her allies did not think twice. And as faculty hired under the new “diversity” criteria become more entrenched at more institutions, we can fully expect to see similar episodes of professors treating the students they teach as the ideological enemies.

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