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LaRouche Corrupting Youth…and a Note on Scalia

My longtime comrade-in-arms Winfield Myers, Campus Watch Director, sends a note about the invidious influence of Lyndon LaRouche on young people. One of LaRouche’s writers targeted la crème de la crème of higher education reformers, as I noted in an earlier post:
This is a hilariously demented essay that, to boot, is so filled with factual error it’ll make your head spin. Both of us, and many of those in our circles, are attacked, and I take some pride in being mentioned twice, so nefarious are my works. For crack researchers (researchers on crack?) they somehow overlooked a thing or two—such as our collaboration at Democracy Project, or our control of the world market for precious metals—but not to quibble. By your enemies they shall know you. The pub’s title, Executive Intelligence Review, is in such hands a list of falsehoods.
LaRouche is a head case, of course, and an ex-con, but the damage he does to the wayward youth in his tow is no joking matter. I attended Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia’s talk at AEI last winter when a carload of LaRouchies disrupted it repeatedly. Their demeanor wasn’t simply campus-left boorish, but more on the order of brainwashed cultist. Scalia was unfailingly polite—much more so than most of us would be under such circumstances—but perhaps he knew they were more to be pitied than eviscerated.
Not so the old man, however.


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