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Let’s Live In the Past

Activist organizations on campus seem to be increasing so fast they may be actually breeding (inbreeding, more likely). The environmental movement spawned global warming which has now spawned the “divestment” movement, which consists of demanding that schools rid their endowments of investments that involve fossil fuels. It is the ultimate anti-modernity movement, one that is intended to reduce our standard of living to that of 16th century Holland in order to save the planet. (Hint: they died young in those days, and hygiene was shaky.)

Fortunately, this particular movement is doomed to fail, since it reduces the economic power of the few schools dumb enough to comply with their demands. At most they it make energy stocks slightly less pricey for the rest of us.

The National Association of Scholars has produced a painstakingly detailed critique of the energy divestment movement. George Leef discusses it here.

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