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A Letter to Future College Students

My colleague Greg Lewin recently wrote this letter to a high school senior who is choosing colleges. It sums up a lot of our thoughts about college education–what it is, what it should be. Perhaps you know students who would find it useful. A selection:

Choosing which courses to take in college may not seem like a huge decision. Checking boxes to fulfill a patchwork of requirements seems almost too easy. But in essence, you are asking yourself, “What knowledge will equip me with the wisdom required to make life’s big decisions?”

At least, that’s what you should be asking yourself. That particular question was never posed by Freshman Greg. Instead, Freshman Greg set to tackling such imponderables as, “Will this class fit in my schedule?” “Will this professor be fun?” and “Does putting hot dogs in my oatmeal count as breakfast or dinner?”

Read the whole thing here.


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