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‘Libel Tourism’

Here is an important article by Cinnamon Stillwell about a serious, new threat to free speech called  “libel tourism.” What this involves, she explains

is the publication of books and other writings that seek to shed light on the financing of Islamic terrorism. Increasingly, American authors who dare enter this territory are finding themselves at risk of being sued for libel in the much more plaintiff-friendly British court system in what amounts to an attempt to censor their work on an international level.

The latest case of libel tourism to rear its ugly head involves the book “Alms for Jihad”, which was published by Cambridge University Press in 2006. Co-written by former State Department analyst and USAID relief coordinator for Sudan J. Millard Burr and UC Santa Barbara professor emeritus of history Robert O. Collins, “Alms for Jihad” delves into the tangled web of international terrorist financing and, chiefly, the misuse of Muslim charities for such purposes.
The public needs to be aware of this latest arena in the war against terrorism.


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