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Liberal Harvard Student Can’t Stand “Social Justice Warrior” Types

Harvard students are a pretty smart bunch, but some of them are so hyped up on their righteous causes that they can’t see how they turn off others, even students inclined to agree with them. That’s the point of this Harvard Crimson piece.

“Why is it that I find myself so often agreeing with a socially just cause, but none of its proponents?” asks Indrees Kahloon. Answer: the social justice warrior, “That walking campus cliche dedicated to rooting out today’s noxious isms and phobias — wherever they exist, and wherever they don’t.”

American campuses are crawling with such students. They see everything in terms of racism, sexism, speciesism, environmentalism and other progressive filters and insist on letting others know that they are leading imperfect lives.

Kahloon absolutely nails the truth here: “The impulse toward seeking the bad from anything good, to protesting progress for not being immediate utopia, leads to the most disturbing trend of the social justice warrior: a near-constant assumption of bad faith.” Right, and we get the same thing from most social justice warriors after they’ve graduated.

George Leef is the director of research for the John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy.

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