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‘Liberal’ Students Happy with IRS Abuse

Check out this video. Students at the University of Colorado gladly signed a “thank you, IRS” card, showing their approval of the abuse of law to stifle groups they don’t like.

I’d like to see some polling on this matter: What percentage of Americans think it is all right to use the power of the law to selectively attack people who disagree with the policies of the incumbent administration? Suppose the question were: “Do you approve of using the IRS to impede groups that would probably attack President Obama’s agenda of transforming America to make it a more wonderful, prosperous, and fair place?” I fear that a pretty large percentage would answer in the affirmative.

Civilization erodes when people start to abandon neutral rules of law and embrace the attitude “our side must win no matter what.” We’re far down that slippery slope.

And isn’t college supposed to make people better, more civic-minded citizens? These Colorado students must have slept through that part.

George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.


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