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The Lie Prevails at Barnard

The granting of tenure by Barnard (with Columbia’s concurrence) to an anti-Israel anthropologist, Nadia Abu El-Haj, is a victory for a lie. 
As Martin Kramer says, “The tragedy of the academy is that it has become home to countless people whose mission is to prove the lie that Zionism is colonialism.” El-Haj is one of these who have perpetrated this lie.
About this the editors of The New York Sun comment:

The Jews of Israel are no more colonizers than the Indians were in America. They lived there thousands of years ago. They never left, except for brief periods during which they were expelled by actual colonizers.


The real colonizers right now are the oil-rich Arab potentates that are pouring funding into American universities, hoping to brainwash our students with claptrap about Zionists being colonizers. Looks like the Barnard trustees fell for it, in the last year that President Judith Shapiro, herself an anthropologist, was on the job.

Shame on these leaders – they themselves are now complicit in the lie.


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