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Military Militancy

How ironic that ill-mannered students at Columbia heckled, hissed, booed, and shouted “racist” at a wounded veteran, Anthony Maschek, as he was attemptinng to address them about returning ROTC to the campus. He should have told them that the Army’s official policy under Gen. George C. Casey is to put “diversity” ahead of the lives of its soldiers. I’m sure the students would have found that very gratifying. And how ironic to hear that the students were also riled up at reports of sexual harassment of female soldiers. Plenty of people warned that putting men and women in close quarters under the feminist delusion that the sexes are exactly alike, or should be made to be so, would result in sexual malfeasance. Of course such warnings were ignored. Now the Army is accused of sexism when it has bent over backwards to open its ranks to women and to silence any criticism or disagreement about their presence or performance.  

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