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More Chicken for Me

Perhaps I did not get this memo. I do not share Ben & Jerry’s politics, but I do enjoy their deliciously fattening ice cream. Yet, apparently it is fashionable to combine junk food and politics.

NAS President Peter Wood (on the NAS site) and Michelle Malkin (on both recently addressed the “controversy” facing Chick-fil-A. The religious values espoused by the company’s executives combined with its recent action of donating sandwiches to a seminar at the Pennsylvania Family Institute (a pro-family organization that also opposes same-sex marriage) has placed Chick-fil-A directly in the line of fire of its political opponents.

In addition to facing heat in the NY Times, according to Dr. Wood’s essay, student groups at Indiana University-South Bend and Florida Gulf Coast University are attempting to get Chick-fil-A removed from campus.

Charming: This is beyond a simple boycott. To opponents, Chick-fil-A does not merely advocate a stance that some groups disagree with, they are an evil entity that must be vanquished. And these people worry about crosshairs on a map?

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