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More College-Debt Sob Stories

The New York Times has a lengthy piece on students facing financially crippling college debt. These articles are nothing new for readers of this site, yet that doesn’t make this one any less worthy of your attention.

Additionally, any college-students-to-be should be mindful of the following quote at the beginning of the article from a new Ohio Northern graduate:

“As an 18-year-old, it [Ohio Northern] sounded like a good fit to me, and the school really sold it. I knew a private school would cost a lot of money. But when I graduate, I’m going to owe like $900 a month. No one told me that.”

College is still a good fit for many people, but there needs to be more awareness of the dollars and cents involved in paying back loans. Many graduates owe the equivalent of car, rent, or mortgage payments — but there is no car, apartment, or home.


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