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More on Left vs. Right Brain

Robert, let me add another point to your post on Reverend Wright’s “instruction” before the NAACP about white “left-brain analytical” cognition as opposed to black “right-brain creative” cognition: Whites would be pulverized as racists for raising the issue publicly.

Note John McWhorter’s sharp insights about this:

The ironic thing about these dashiki-era pronouncements is that the separatist ideology means claims about black people that whites would be burned in effigy for even hinting at…
Goodness — just imagine, say, Diane Ravitch at a podium saying what the Reverend Wright came up with. The idea of black kids as having a genetically distinct learning “style” only makes sense — sort of — if one is reacting to whites of all walks regularly dismissing black kids as innately stupid. That is, if one is mentally in 1966 when such whites were still around and in their primes.


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