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More on the Libel Suit over ‘Terror’

As I’ve previously noted, a CUNY professor, Susan O’Malley, has slapped a fat defamation lawsuit on professor emeritus Sharad Karkhanis.
Karkhanis has chronicled what he calls O’Malley’s “obsessive” exertions in trying to land jobs for convicted activist lawyer Lynne Stewart’s co-defendant Mohammed Yousry and former Weather Underground member Susan Rosenberg. He wrote:

Has Queen O’Malley ever made a ‘Job Wanted’ announcement like this for a nonconvicted, nonviolent, peace-loving American educator for a job in CUNY? … Why does she prefer convicted terrorists bent on harming our people and our nation over peace-loving Americans?

Karkhanis maintains O’Malley went beyond the pale in trying to find a job for Yousry, who’s out on bail pending appeal of his conviction for aiding Stewart in passing messages from 1993 World Trade Center bomb plotter Omar Abdel-Rahman.

How does O’Malley respond? According to The New York Sun, she’s mum at the moment.  


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