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More Sense, This From Virginia Tech

As members of the Virginia Tech community, let’s resolve to remember those victims, assist the families and friends of the victims in any way we can in this time of grief, and pray for the victims and their families. Across the Commonwealth and across the country, Americans are unified in their heartache and sympathy for the victims, their family and friends, and members of the university community, those past and present.
While the true toll of this outrage is just beginning to become clear, some in the media, as well as in the Virginia Tech community have unfortunately been undeterred from letting the recriminations fly. Anger is understandable; in fact, outrage is more than justifiable given that someone would so carelessly and savagely take innocent lives. At this time, however, pointing fingers and casting blame isn’t only wrong, it’s disrespectful to the victims, families, friends, and everyone else so grievously affected by these horrific events.
We need to remember that the real villain in all this is the mass murderer responsible.

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