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‘More Spending for Less Output’ in Public Education

Last week I wrote about the debut of, a new weekly video program focused on “engaging the uninitiated” and distilling complex aspects of the education debate for easier consumption and understanding.

For its second episode, host Andy Nash spoke with NR’s Kevin D. Williamson on “more spending for less output” in public education. Kevin’s just-released book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism, features two chapters that touch on the soft socialism present in the administration of public schools.

The systemic failure that is the hallmark of the public systems in Detroit, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., etc., of course, end up having a devastating impact when it intersects with the “college for everyone” mania.

My favorite remark? Kevin’s observation that “the problem with higher education is not so much socialism as it is corruption.”

Click here to watch the episode directly on YouTube.


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