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More on TAs

ShrinkWrapped blogs on my post, Indoctrinating TAs in the Queer Agenda, noting that this incident is the result of 

a narcissistic faculty, unable to tolerate their own waning powers, attempting to encourage the vicarious acting out of the young people who depend on them for (a)moral guidance …[This is] a form of child abuse. Adolescents do not need our help to fantasize and act on impersonal sexual fantasies. The very definition of perversity is an act which denies the humanity of the object … And since when do we need to incorporate omni-sexuality into our curricula?

Since when? One place to begin is with the mid-20th century, Marxist-Freudian teachings of Herbert Marcuse, who might be said to a leading progenitor — along with Norman O. Brown and others — of today’s narcissistic faculty.


Marcuse, as Roger Kimball writes in The Long March, produced “an emancipatory vision based on polymorphous, narcissistic sexuality, antibourgeois animus, and quasi-mystical theories about art, redemption, and the abolition of repression.” Thus, Marcuse installed omni-sexuality on campuses as a means by which to undo capitalism.


The same ideology animates today’s narcissistic faculty members, although the narcissism of many of them is so advanced as to blind them to its roots.