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MSU Student Vanquishes P.C. Prof

Emily Brooker, a graduate of Missouri State University represented by the Alliance Defense Fund has reached a settlement with the university. In her lawsuit she claimed her freedoms of speech and religion had been violated by an assistant professor of social work. The incident is a textbook case of the repression of freedom of speech and expression on campus.
According to the Kansas City Star, the lawsuit alleged that the professor demanded that students sign a letter supporting homosexuals being foster parents. Brooker refused to sign the document, on the grounds that to do so would have gone against her Christian beliefs.
A grievance filed against Brooker accused her of violating three standards required of students by the School of Social Work: diversity, interpersonal skills and professional behavior. Brooker was informed her religious beliefs were at odds with the National Association of Social Workers’ code of ethics, and, as a condition for graduation, she was forced to sign a contract requiring her to conform to that code even though she objected to the contract.
This settlement is a significant breakthrough against the increasingly egregious and totalitarian mandating of attitudes and beliefs in academic programs – most notoriously so far in education schools and social work programs.
Hats off to Brooker and the ADF.


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