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My New Heroine

Today’s InsideHigherEd has an article about a new study by the Education Trust that grades public flagship universities based on whether they reflect their respective states’ demographics with respect to minority and low-income students.  I know nothing about Shirley A. Ort, but today she is my heroine:

The inference of this report and the basis for the grading of flagships is that their responsibility is to reflect the demographics of the state,” said Shirley A. Ort, associate provost and director of scholarships and student aid at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which received an overall D grade in the report despite its recent efforts at expanding access for low income students. “I say that it’s not, not based upon our charter, anyhow. It’s to make sure that excellence remains the hallmark of a flagship, and that we are welcoming and inclusive of those students who have demonstrated the aptitude and preparation to meet our admissions standards.