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Mystery Youths Rioting In France As Media Dare Not Utter The ‘M-Word’

From Hyscience:

We are now entering 3 days of rioting ( 77 Police Officers Injured in Paris- Rioters Using Shotguns!) … by Muslim youths of mostly North African dissent … media go to such great lengths to avoid telling the truth about perpetrators of violence when Muslims are involved, and how insanely and unreasonably they react to even an accident. Even though almost 100% of the violence in the world today is perpetuated by followers of the Islamic faith, and roughly 0% is initiated by followers of any other, the media continuously chooses to lead us to believe that it is almost normal for “youths” of “undefined affiliation” to spontaneously react to an accident with violence and mayhem. And such is the case again in France.

(tip: Janet Levy Ross)


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