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No Good Feminism

Victor Davis Hanson delineates a good old liberal feminism from a bad new doctrinaire feminism. For years and years, well-meaning people have been trying to maintain that line between the good or moderate feminism and the bad or radical feminism.
It is impossible to maintain the line, and the so-called good slides into the bad quite easily — as it did with Title IX and other efforts to advance women, on campus and off.
Starting with faulty premises and continuing with the need to maintain it as a coherent movement, the good feminism eventually shades into the bad, something like the way liberalism is always pushed toward radicalism, as Solzhenitsyn pointed out in his Harvard address. In that regard, feminism is like Communism in that again and again, its supporters have to decry the excesses to which it is taken, and to protest that these excesses were not inherent to the original idea.


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