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No Such Thing as Male and Female?

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” (Gen 1:27)

Not so fast.

Down in Arkansas, Obama’s Dept of Justice has revised theology and biology in one fell swoop, granting 38-year-old student Jennifer (formerly Russell) Braly the right to use women’s restrooms on the Fort Smith campus. This move comes after the university constructed several gender neutral restrooms just to accommodate Braly.

The unisex bathrooms were created specifically for Braly in early 2011, prior to a successful court appeal to legally change gender status from male to female…

Braly began using the women’s restrooms against the university’s policy, but it wasn’t until this spring that students had registered complaints.

The complaints were reported during the same time that Braly’s website was online, in which Braly discusses two marriages that both ended in divorce. The second of which, Braly writes, “ended with my ex wife being pregnant with my daughter.”

Personal information on Braly’s Facebook page suggests that Braly remains romantically involved with, and attracted to, women…

The Department of Justice’s insistence that access to gender-specific restrooms is legally a matter of choice, and that anatomy has nothing to do with it, raises a host of questions about privacy and personal safety in public restrooms. Specifically, the policy appears to remove any objective criteria for separating men and women in public restrooms.

What we have here is a male individual who feels like a woman yet nevertheless remains attracted to women and is apparently making babies with women. And he can’t understand why college girls 20 years his junior might be uncomfortable pulling their pants down next to him in the restroom?

We obviously have a Justice Department so co-opted by the intellectual fluff of the far Left that they really believe one’s sex is completely unrelated to one’s biology. You are whatever you say you are.

All you dudes out there, if you feel like a lady you are one, according to the Obama administration. Think of that next time nature calls and the men’s room isn’t conveniently near.

And ladies, if you don’t want men who “identify” as women hovering outside your bathroom stall, I suggest you steer clear of the University of Arkansas.

And anywhere else the DOJ’s politically co-opted gender crusaders might have been meddling.

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