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Non-Collegiate Sexual Assault

Syndicated columnist Froma Harrop makes a good point in her latest column. It is that “the well-to-do tend to dominate public conversations.” Her illustration is the current furor over sexual assault on campus—which has reached the level of a White House task force—and concern about binge and underage drinking.

What about kids who aren’t at college?

“It’s hard to believe that sexual predators roam more freely at the dorms than in society at large,” Harrop writes. “Or that there’s more drunkenness around student hangouts than at working-class bars.” And:

What’s striking isn’t so much the worry over kids in college as the lack of similar concern over the other, usually less privileged, young people who don’t go to college.

When less privileged kids misbehave, she observes, they go to the police station, not the Honor Court.

Has the whole country become helicopter parents for the privileged?

(Note:  If the link isn’t accessible, the column can be found on her Creators Syndicate page.)

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