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A ‘Non-Ideological’ President for Shimer College

At, Michael Strong, an entrepreneur and Great Books champion, recounts how he was encouraged to apply for the presidency of Shimer College after the college ousted its previous president, Thomas Lindsay. The same person who encouraged him to apply, however, backpedaled after reading what he considered to be an “ideological” article by Strong reproving academics for not condemning the evils that have stemmed from Marxism. 

Shimer College went on to select as its president Susan Henking, a “feminist religious scholar” whose best-known book is emblazoned with the gay rainbow image on the cover. Henking also wrote a fawning eulogy for the feminist Mary Daly, who famously advocated reducing the earth’s population of males until they made up only 10 percent of the human race.

Strong reflects on the irony of Shimer’s “non-ideological” choice.

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