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Northwestern Hosts a ‘Race Caucus’

In today’s feature at The College Fix, Northwestern sophomore Charles Rollet reports how an insensitive remark from some inebriated girls prompted the university to host a “race caucus” to promote diversity.

Those who attended the caucus found it to be worthwhile.

“I think the student response is justified and reflects a broader problem on campus,” said Valeria Jimenez, a graduate student who attended the caucus. “What happened [to Carmona] definitely reflects racial ideas some students may have had.”

. . . Some on campus have even suggested that Northwestern add a diversity requirement to its roster of courses.

“Northwestern, like so many other universities in our country, certainly has an issue with white privilege,” said Derrick Clifton, a student and columnist for The Daily Northwestern. “We’re not a community that is actively engaging in conversations about social justice, and we need to be.”

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