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Note from Vasko Kohlmayer

…Received concerning my posting of his fine work:


Thank you for mentioning my article in your blog spot at NRO. As someone who grew up under communism, I was astonished to observe the American Left undermining what is clearly the best country on this earth. That they are trying to destroy this society there is no question. The challenge is to explain their motivation, i.e., the psychological mechanism that leads people to so hate their own society and culture.


I too am intrigued by this question and responded that decades of takeover of our institutions and indoctrination from within them – in the Gramsci/Marcuse mold – have much to do with it. There is also the utopianism at the heart of leftist beliefs that rejects all but perfectly equal outcomes for all – an impossibility of course. Then, again, many on the left are just plain spoiled and unable to appreciate the freedom and prosperity accorded them by this nation.


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