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The Nouvelle Vague of Campus Atheists

Kingson Man of the Michigan Daily puts the atheism revival at the University of Michigan in broad context, finding, not surprisingly, that professors are three times more likely to be atheists or agnostics than the rest of the population. He finds the scholarship of the new atheist professors simplistic; they 

savage the religious point of view by rebutting the more unpleasant portions of monotheist texts. But combing for inconsistencies and non-sequiturs in the Holy Scripture won’t tell you a thing about the value and ubiquity of religion, or the way in which it affects the lives of the majority of the human population…

The interactions between people’s lives and their beliefs create infinitely greater complexity than the new atheists can handle. Religion imparts a texture to the lives of these people, one that is utterly glossed over in hardnosed scriptural analysis. In this way, the new atheists may be some of the strictest biblical literalists of all.

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