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Now, For Some Good News On Free Speech

The last two years in higher education at times have seemed like nothing more than a series of outrages against freedom and its protections. Ridiculous new words and phrases have appeared—trigger warnings, safe spaces, and microaggressions—to describe tools used to silence speech. Government regulations and new bureaucratic positions, many courtesy of Title IX, have been created to interfere with the right to due process.

The recent events at the University of Missouri, in which irrational mobs can force a college president out of his job due to non-events—hoaxes really—are pushing the attack on freedom to Maoist levels.

But perhaps things have to get to this point for a reaction to these intrusions to emerge, and there are some positive trends appearing. Jenna A. Robinson writes how, in North Carolina, there have been quite a few positive developments as far as protections for free speech and due process.


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