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Obama Must Confront Ayers’s Radical Education Agenda

Unrepentant domestic terrorist and education professor William Ayers, who has ties to Barack Obama, plays a leading national role in pushing a political agenda in teacher education schools, writes Sol Stern in City Journal.  Ayers’s ideology makes it next to impossible for disadvantaged children to advance academically, as it is not concerned with details like the proven methods for teaching underprivileged students to read.

Ayers’s agenda has barely evolved since his Weatherman days. It’s still about defeating U.S. capitalism and imperialism, although his destructive impulses now find expression, not in setting off bombs in public places, but in enlisting America’s future teachers in the “progressive” revolution and persuading them in turn to indoctrinate public-school students. Ayers’s writings and activism in the education field, Stern says, may be having an impact in thousands of classrooms.

What does potential “education president” Obama think of Ayers’s agenda for transforming schools into leftist indoctrination centers? That is one of the major questions the electorate must pose to him.