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Obama’s Radical Birth-Control Agenda

After a week of backlash from defenders of religious liberty and freedom of conscience, the White House has announced a compromise on its earlier plan to force religious non-profits with objections to birth control to cover it anyway. But is this really a compromise, or is this just spin and damage control?

Under the new compromise, insurance companies sponsored by religious universities would still be required to cover birth control. Only now, insurance companies would be required to provide the birth control coverage for free. The institutions themselves would not be required to pay for that part of the health plan.

But won’t insurance companies simply raise their overall rates to compensate for these “free” services?

It’s like when you buy a set of steak knives off a TV infomercial for $19.95, and they throw in a cheap “free” gadget, like a lemon peeler or a pizza cutter, on the side. In effect, you’re paying for everything. Saying that part of the purchase is “free” is nothing more than a sales gimmick. We all know that.

I don’t share the Catholics’ position on birth control, at least not to that extreme, but I defend their right to abide by their beliefs — without interference from Obama and his roundtable of radical pro-choice advisers. He’s been dancing on the end of a marionette for the Planned Parenthood, NOW, and NARAL crowd for years, going back to the days when he was a state legislator fighting against the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act in Illinois.

First he wanted to force Catholic universities to pay for birth control. Now he wants to force insurance companies to offer it for free. (Since when can the government force private businesses to give away their products or services for nothing?) There seems to be no limit to the power Obama claims for himself. He imposes his agenda without any thought for our liberty.

We need to foster a culture that values life and respects religious liberty. But our current president is an enemy to those ideals. There is nothing he wouldn’t do to appease his puppet masters in the radical-feminist Left.


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