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Obama’s Would-Be Leap Toward Federalized Education

With all Barack Obama’s vague waxing messianic, the specifics of his agenda, and notably his socialist-style plans for education, have tended to go unnoticed.

But those of us who hold to quaint notions like parental educational choice should be alarmed by Obama’s quite-explicit campaign blueprint “Plan To Give Every American Child A World Class Education,” and its linked document, “Barack Obama’s Plan For Lifetime Success Through Education.”
The plan is breathtakingly octopodal from the standpoint of intrusive, comprehensive federal intervention — a windfall for the array of Obama’s financial supporters in the world of educational special interests.
From educational programs for pregnant women to transformation of teacher education via mutually self-reinforcing school-university “partnerships,” this latest cradle-to-grave social-engineering scheme for federally influencing education would, as Lee Cary writes in American Thinker, transform education — in ways not among the principles put forth by the Founding Fathers.


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