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Obsession at Pace

According to Raquel Lacomba Walker – as passed on by Phil Orenstein – there appears to be a gale blowing at this university. Herein the turmoil, as yet unreported in the media:

Michael Abdurakhmanov is a student at Pace [and head of a Jewish group, Hillel]…He wanted to view the documentary film, Obsession, on campus, as part of a week-long tribute to Judaism. Obsession describes how radical Islam is spurned, how it has grown, and where it is today. As a courtesy, Mr. Addurankhmanov contacted the President of the Muslim Students Association (MSA) to make her aware of the planned event…That’s when all hell broke loose.
…the MSA…claimed it was “insulting” and “offensive” to the Muslim community, although…the film [targets radical Muslims alone]. After school administrators hauled Mr. Abdurankhmanov into a “mediation” to discuss the dilemma, MSA representatives cursed and screamed, and school administrators let Mr. Abdurankhmanov take a verbal beating and prevented him from ever making his point…the mock court deemed Hillel’s actions inappropriate, with a hint of…threat that the police would be called to charge Mr. Abdurankhmanov and Hillel for hate crimes.
Abdurankhmanov agreed to postpone the viewing of Obsession, in light of some recent hate crimes against Muslims at Pace, but promises to continue the fight to screen the film at a later date.

This bears monitoring.


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