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Philosophy and Chicks

A letter from reader Michael Filozov, an adjunct professor at Niagara Community College:

Candace, I read that link you posted from the NYT on philosophy majors. Interesting, but — respectfully, I must disagree. Philosophy is NOT good for getting chicks!!

Don’t ask me how I know. Let’s just say that trying to discuss Aristotle (“The male is by nature superior, the female inferior” — Politics, Book I) with girls in a college bar does NOT work. And we haven’t even mentioned Aristotle’s discussion of the “natural slave” yet.When I was an undergraduate at Geneseo some of the best parties I ever went to were in a long, narrow, low-ceilinged apartment (dubbed “the submarine”) populated with very ugly, male, philosophy majors. Very few women were present, but beer-fueled discussions of Cartesian epistemology and Marxian false consciousness were as good as any graduate seminar.
Now, as far as the quote you listed about philosophy being good for getting girls… it seems they dig the French stuff, like the Rousseauian-crying-in-the-wilderness, and of course Sartre, who was doing it with ‘ole Simone. But the “tortured soul” thing is more of a French affectation, and, as you well, know, the French have damn near made an entire culture out of pretentious affectation…
REAL philosophers, like Socrates (the very paradigm!)  Aristotle, Aquinas, Locke, Hobbes and Nietzsche (of course this is true of Nietzsche) were all bachelors, probably schizoids, and were certainly more worried about being exiled or executed than about women…
Quod erat demonstrandum…
BTW while not exactly a work of philosophy, Jefferson’s letter to Maria Cosway (“Dialogue Between My Head and My Heart”) can certainly pique the interest of women… (again… don’t ask me how I know) — if you’ve never read it, it’s a must.


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