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Playing Rag and Bag Tag at CC

Consider the latest feminist antics cum backlash at Colorado College, as described by FIRE:

Colorado College’s “Feminist and Gender Studies Interns” distributed a flyer called “The Monthly Rag.” The flyer included a reference to “male castration,” an announcement about a lecture on “feminist porn” by a “world-famous prostitute and porn star,” an explanation of “packing” (pretending to have a phallus), and a quotation from The Bitch Manifesto.
As a parody of “The Monthly Rag,” [two students then] … distributed a flyer … called “The Monthly Bag” under the pseudonym “The Coalition of Some Dudes.” The flyer included references to “chainsaw etiquette,” the shooting range of a sniper rifle, a quotation regarding a sexual position from the website, and a quotation about “female violence and abuse” of men from the website

After administrators declared the two students guilty of violating the campus’s conduct code, FIRE got into the act, rightly calling on the college to “reject both double standards and censorship.”
But fairness and free expression aside, isn’t it pathetic that students across the country continue waste their precious minds on such trash?


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