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A New College Offering Real College Education, Not Just an Experience

There are very few colleges and universities that earn an “A” from the American Council of Trustees and Alumni for having a solid curriculum and I was delighted to learn that a new college recently was added to ACTA’s list: Saint Katherine’s College. This tiny school located near San Diego is an educationally serious place with a religious orientation.

Professor David Clemens, a frequent contributor here, interviewed the college’s founder and president, Dr. Frank Papatheofanis and in today’s Pope Center piece writes about what he learned from it.

The big thing that Saint Katherine’s has going for it is differentiation. With so many colleges these days a “steaming mess” full of “speech codes, Title IX hysteria, snowflakes, crybullies, safe spaces, trigger warnings, misandry, multicultural tribalism, social justice warriors and an ideological curriculum,” Clemens suggests that a quiet college with a traditional focus on education looks very appealing. Saint Katherine’s motto is “Inquiry Seeking Wisdom,” and for students and parents who don’t want to spend time and money on academic fluff or leftist propaganda, or mere occupational training, that is what they’re looking for.

Dr. Papatheofanis explains his objective this way: “Our act of preservation is in graduating students who think clearly and communicate effectively — the legacy of liberal arts education. This means focusing on the educated mind and everything that means. People have been and will continue to be drawn to the humanities. That is the legacy of a literate population, and a population that seeks to preserve its heritage.”

We applaud Dr. Papatheofanis for his efforts and thank David Clemens for bringing them to light.

George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.


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