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Prager U: The Bigger the Government…

…the smaller the citizen.

Anarchists are apt to favor abolition of the Federal government; the rest of us want to debate when that government should be the first resort and when it should be the last resort.

With that idea in mind, in the newest Prager University course, radio host and best-selling author Dennis Prager presents the deleterious effects of a growing government.  Could a big government actually diminish the goodness of its citizens?




(Best-selling author, columnist, and nationally syndicated radio host Dennis Prager created Prager University to counter the indoctrination, drivel, and apathy that pervades today’s college campuses.  With 5-minute, professionally produced videos from experts in economics, history, political science, and religion, PragerU offers big ideas on big topics, 5 minutes at a time.)


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