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Prager U: What Matters Most

Many college ethics courses both cost over $1000 and fill students’ heads with drivel.  Dennis Prager’s newest Prager University course does neither.  In “What Matters Most,” Prager discusses the daily battles we face between our feelings and our values – a topic that rings true in this age of cheating scandals and sex weeks.

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Microscopic Dots. Let’s Look at Them.

Stuart E. Eizenstat has written a big book on the Carter presidency. (Eizenstat was Carter’s chief domestic-policy adviser. He also had a substantial hand in foreign affairs.) I have reviewed the book for the forthcoming NR. Eizenstat tells the story of a meeting between President Carter and Andrei Gromyko, the ... Read More

Why North Korea Isn’t Going to Give Up Its Nukes

Responding to reports that North Korea said it “no longer needs” nuclear tests, Jim Hanson, president of the generally pro-Trump Security Studies Group, credited President Trump. “No one was expecting anything to come of Trump’s fiery rhetoric, except people who understand that diplomacy works better ... Read More