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Pro-Israel Forum at Bryn-Mawr

“Israeli Apartheid Weeks,” during which anti-Israel activists equate the Jewish state with the racist regime of apartheid-era South Africa, have become part of the landscape on many campuses.
Various Jewish organizations, working with pro-Israel students, have now likewise initiated “Israel Weeks,” dedicated (in Asaf Romirowsky’s words) to demonstrating to students “that there is never justice in terrorism” and that “it is unacceptable that some should even speak of eliminating a living and breathing state like Israel.”
Such a program will soon take place at Bryn Mawr College — only to be countered shortly after by a campus lecture by Norman Finkelstein, who collaborates with neo-Nazis, Holocaust deniers, and anti-Semites.
But at least the college is allowing Israel’s case to be heard.
(Tip: Campus Watch)